Are Designers Useful?

May 17, 2008 § 1 Comment


Alice Rawsthorn at IHT wrote once more on One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), a year and a half after she first introduced the non-profit organization and their goal of providing “children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment and express themselves” by developing:


A $100 educational laptop.


It’s the most talked-about design project winning awards left, right and centre, setting a new standard for humanitarian design and of course, causing a great deal of controversy … it’s remarkable how design contribute so greatly to humanitarian efforts. Remarkable and relieving.




Thoughts on the earthquake in China and whether being a designer is useless in disasters?






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§ One Response to Are Designers Useful?

  • Jonny says:

    Heyyyyy! I enjoyed your perspective on the ‘uselessness of arts/design’… got me thinking as well. Is it really just for enjoyment? Well here’s what i figured out. It’s ESSENTIAL for keeping balance in our souls. It’s what makes us humans. Just like we need LOGIC to make sense of the things around us, we need creativity, or art, to allow us to keep in touch with emotional side of us.

    Other than that, is it useless? especially in the context of today’s world? NAH…. just so happened i was watching CNA (gosh, i didn’t know i’d enjoy it) about this documentary on EcoChic, a fashion show featuring clothes made of reused items. Basically, trash. It may not be absolutely feasible yet… but it’s paving the way. I can feel it in my bones. One day, we’re going to have environmental-friendly undies too.

    And here’s another thought. Let me give u my perspective of design… there’s 2 sorts: Functional, and Aesthetic. It speaks for itself, really. But functional design is the one thing that has made our lives so much better… A bicycle is made the way it is bcos it functions best that way. So is a handphone. So is a chair. even the keyboard I’m typing on now. u get my drift. Aesthetic design is not to be discounted too. Like i said earlier, humans sometimes need to have something that develops their emotional, compassionate side. To make them not mere animals. And i’ve heard of artisits who ride on that observation to put their pieces for charity auctions.

    In fact, the proof that design is important is in our beloved planet itself. the Ecosystem…. the mountains, rivers, trees, wildife, fields… all so breathtaking. Work of God. And yet, God made sure that each of them has a special, vital function… =) so there.

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