my favourite ad: Levi’s Dangerous Liaisons

May 22, 2008 § 4 Comments

This is my favourite ad of all time, done by bbh (one of my favourites too!).



The music’s strangely compelling, the characters are perfectly casted, and the transitions are believable and most of all, I love how the whole whirlwind of a journey through the Levi’s timeline.



I did a short presentation on it last year for my advertising class, so if you’re curious about the team behind it or the song lyrics or the name of the talents/models…






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§ 4 Responses to my favourite ad: Levi’s Dangerous Liaisons

  • tinana says:

    I love the song for this ad! Levi’s ads have a penchant for using awesome music. (for lack of a better adjective)

    This ad is one of the 2008 Creativity Award winners.

  • vinnythemarv says:

    I<3 BBH too…the english have a really strange way of looking at things.

  • vinnythemarv says:

    crap…i posted too fast. I wanted to add…levi’s ads have always been really classic. From the claymation of mr bombastic to the techno driven spaceman….i love them all.=)

  • sherms says:

    @tinana they do, dont’ they! Ever since we were little kids and they had Shaggy’s Mr. Bombastic and tho stripped-defeathered pigeons on the laundry line.heh

    @vinnythemarv : I haven’t seen the techno driven spaceman one? which one’s that?

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