M&Ms of Jargon #4: SIGNATURES

June 21, 2008 § 1 Comment

Learnt about this sometime last week when Aliyah (the senior designer at qube) was talking to me about the publishing process of John O’Sullivan’s anthology.

Aliyah: “Maybe we could play around with different paper stock for the signatures……”

Inner me: (Isn’t signature that name you sign on a contract with a grand flourish to look happening and rich….)

M&Ms of Jargon #4: SIGNATURES

A large sheet of paper printed with several pages, which is then folded to form four or more leaves in the finished book.

The signature may be folded in several ways, depending on the number of leaves it will form; it is then stitched together down the last fold.

—A sheet folded in quarto (also 4to or 4º) is folded in half twice at right angles to make four leaves. Also called a 4-page signature.

—A sheet folded in octavo (also 8vo or 8º) is folded in half 3 times to make 8 leaves. Also called an 8-page signature.

—A sheet folded in sextodecimo (also 16mo or 16º) is folded in half 4 times to make 16 leaves. Also called a 16-page signature.

—Duodecimo or 12mo, 24mo, 32mo, and even 64mo are other foldings of a signature. Modern paper mills can produce very large sheets, so a modern printer will often print 64 or 128 pages on a single sheet.

[extra extra]
– (er..)Used in bookbinding
– Also known as a “section” (now isn’t that just so much easier to understand)
– Signatures are gathered and bounded by sewing, gluing, etc

[suggested usage of word]
When he yelled, “Will you bind your signature to mine in our book of love?”
She replied, “I do, you cheesy fool!”
And then they were married.

source: Compass Rose Horizons
FORMAT by Ambrose/Harris

images: (top)Compass Rose Horizons


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