Flea-tique: Night Edition

April 14, 2009 § 2 Comments

click for more pictures

click for more pictures

[where]   Singapore Art Museum
[when]    27th March 2009

Lost our flea market stall virginity! And had bucketloads of fun while sweating bucketloads of er, sweat. Man, those spotlights shining down on our stall were deadly.

Sold hand-made rings, pre-loved clothes and illustrations. Sharyn made all the rings, the clothes were Nab&ours and the illustrations: Ali J‘s greeting cards, my Sally-Sue postcards and free postcards sponsored by different illustrators via the wonderful Pikaland (thanks Amy!).

We mainly wanted to see if Singaporeans were up for illustrations/illustrated goodies. So far, not too bad a response… It’s such a pity there isn’t much of a platform in Singapore for illustrators to showcase their artwork and creativity. Double that sentiment when there are so many good local illustrators here. We’re looking to change that, but plans are still in the pipeline…


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