20-20-0: digital photography lesson 1

May 5, 2009 § 5 Comments

Click for more photos

Click for more photos

For my digital photography class last Thurs. We had to bring in any 20 photographs of ours. He trashed most of our photos.. only about 4 – 5 passed muster. Well. Will work harder. Next time. Like the Duracell Bunny.


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§ 5 Responses to 20-20-0: digital photography lesson 1

  • iammyy says:

    any editing allowed ? no worries, my first set of photos was totally trashed as well…photography excursions will be fun !

    work hard =))

  • Daryl Tay says:

    holy shit! your blog is resurrected!! long live the blog!!!!!

  • zhao says:

    after you’ve gone through your photography lessons, be sure to let me in on them! I’m learning too! too much stuff to pick up, all those jargons used for the lenses. omg! headache. did you buy a DSLR? or just using normal point and shoot camera?

    • sherms says:

      normal point & shoot, but looking to get a DSLR once I save up! at least a pro-sumer. it’ll make it slightly easier (i think). now I have to go REALLY close to people to take close ups and I have to get over how embarassing that feels. haha. you’ve bought your own DSLR? are you learning on your own or…?

      • zhao says:

        wah liao eh, is it my laptop or is it the way you configure your blog? the reply is SUPER BIG lor, even though i know i don’t have “lao hua yen”.
        hmmmm…i thought jonny has a DSLR? you can borrow from him first? hahaha. actually my bro has a 2nd hand nikon D60 to let go at $700+? but i don’t think it’s good enough if you’re going in for the long term. should get something better since the megapixels of D60 is not very high.
        chao and i share a canon Eos 450D. we’re looking to buy a telephoto lens now so that we can shoot more up-close pics during say, floorball matches! *grin*
        and yep, learning on my own…thru internet mainly 🙂

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