we make a very good pink dot

May 30, 2009 § 3 Comments

16th May 2009, Saturday
4.30 pm
Hong Lim Park

Met Squid and her friends there after the Verner Panton exhibition @ NSM. I’m glad I went.  It’s encouraging to see how many Singaporeans – gay or straight – are willing to come down to support this cause : the freedom to love whatever your gender, race, religion, etc. You know, the funny part is that I think more straight people were there to support their friends than anything.

What I thought would be a huge cam-whoring session/picnic for everybody turned out to be more than that. Good job, organisers. They sure kept the crowd entertained . There were dikir barat(with an entertaining tukang karut/main singer), dance, bhangra and lion dance performances.. when there was a technical delay, Neo Swee Lin even ad-libbed and danced a bit to stall for time. Oh, her husband and her baked cookies to give out. How sweet was that.

Ah. And that was the day when I first heard Nobody by Wonder Girls (one of the dance groups did it) and ever since then, the song has SERIOUSLY been stuck in my head. It just won’t bloody go away. The earworm oscillates between being great fun and driving me mad.

The other group…. well. I always thought nothing gay/transexual/homosexual/whateversexual would surprise me anymore. That I wasn’t as fuddy-duddy as my parents’ generation< , but when Voguelicious came out, I have to admit, my eyebrows shot up.

Now these Voguelicious members, oh boy.. can they dance. And man, are they hot.

There was one member who I would love to use for my studio shot assignment (we all have to do one for our digital photography course). He had a most interesting face. Feminine, but very strong features. Lots of angles and rather sexy. Wonder if he’ll agree to let me photograph him if I ever find out who he is.

What I liked best about Voguelicious wasn’t the fact that they’re all superb dancers – individually or in a group , or that they’re different, but that they looked so confident. I’m sure they get stares when they go out, but they look like the sort that would be nonchalant about it.

Anyway, pinkdot was quite an experience. It has unforgivingly hot and humid, but the crowd was obviously there to have a good time, and we did. Forming the dot did only result in a photograph for solidarity, it also made all of us feel that solidarity. So check out pinkdot.sg for more info/photos/videos, because they’re obviously headed in the right direction, and going about it in the right way for Singapore.

more photos at flickr


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