It’s time to Kill Your Televison & P.O.P the sock

June 4, 2009 § 2 Comments


Zul  – our audio instructor – passed us the flyer for KYTV P.O.P’s Station Tour: Singapore 2009 the other day and said all of us had to attend one of the days. Heh. Now that’s why I like school. You get to do all these fun and embarrasing things in the name of  “homework”. Good excuse, yes? So besides my classmates, I’m going to drag as many friends I can with me.

They’ll dress you up, record your voice, play it over the system for you to lip-sync to while you dance like a mad chicken against a fantasy backdrop (honestly, isn’t it a mass desire to dance like a mad chicken?), and then upload your video of fame/lame to YouTube. Your very own MTV parody.


KYTV (Kill Your Television) has been around a number of cities for this tour: London, Thailand, Berlin, Jakarta, Yogyakarta… which makes up the range of videos on their YouTube channel.

I’ll definitely freeze for a bit on the day itself because as my good friends know, I’m shhhyyyy….. (sorry, inside joke. but I really am.), but I still think we’ll have a good time poking fun at this ironic take on the entertainment industry and, as the poster puts it “(the) process of ‘manufacturing’ celebrities, by ‘packaging’ and individual or a group into a product for mass consumption”. Plus dressing up with wigs & friends always means a ++++++++ rocking good time.

Hmm… maybe it’s time to tell Jonny & Nab to put their Nobody,Nobody but you/chu moves to good use. I know for sure that Jonny has been practising.


05 – 07 June 2009 (Fri – Sun)
2 – 6pm
7 – 10pm

Jendela (Visual Arts Space)
Level 2, Esplanade Mall


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