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July 17, 2009 § 1 Comment


photos here & here

The troops rallied on 6th June, and it was a good, fine day at the esplanade doing KYTV:P.O.P nonsense. Our singing more or less sucked, our dancing – some, at least – drew inspiration from the Great Singapore Workout (so you can imagine how that went), but the making of it was INCREDIBLY fun.

It was a ball of a time prancing around in weird-ass costumes and lip-syncing to the recording. I laughed so hard during the whole process I think I developed abs.

How it worked:

  1. Choose your POPstar name
  2. Pick the original song for your solo/duet/group: Angry Song, Love Duet, Obscure Song, Happy Song…
  3. Learn your song via the separate tellies & headphones set up for each song (we never really made it..heh)
  4. Record your song in the studio.
  5. Head over to the makeup/dress up station to muck around with the nice people
  6. Wait for your turn to shoot your MTV against a green screen
  7. Say “thank you”!
  8. Sober up over the next few days and cringe over your video when it appears

So thanks to shal, nab, erfen, jonny, chris g, juliane, su & jie for coming down.. not to mention the bishy-bashy and bowling session that happened later. Oh yes, and the NOBODY by wonder girls impromptu cover we did.

(L-R) erfen, me, shal, jonny, nab, juliane

And here are the videos:

J. the Wicked-Witch-from-the East-who-had-to -settle-for-purple-sequins-because-it’s-the-recession-and-black-cloth-was-expensive & the Great Singapore Workout back-up dancers

Angsty boys : Ch(Tr)is G. & E.Dilly Daddy

Still angsty: schoolmates indra, terrix & helen

schoolmates: raphael & mike

Weird rooster-disco girl S. & SuperPinkBather N.

Happy Spankers, Lime-light Grabbers


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