Starbucks Pastries High School

August 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

One day, Nabs and I were at a Starbucks.

While we were trying to make the quick, firm decision of what to munch on (which means we took forever), we realised that the pastries were like cliques in cafeteria in high school.

I can’t remember exactly what we said, but here’s the gist:

Almond Butter Cake

The Atypical ABC

Mean girls trio huddled (right), whispering,

“Hey, did you see that weird kid. He’s like so strange.”
“And he smells funny *giggle* ”
“I don’t want to sit so near him; he might make my hair (almonds?) stink too! Like eeeewww…”

Cinnamon Roll

The Lascivious Lovers
Left bun: ” Oh my darling, oh my hunny bun.. *snuggles*
Right bun: ” Mmmmm.mmmmmmmmmmmmm…”


The Cuckoo Club

“Ooops, no space for you.. ! Bye now! “


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