[sketch] my french mistress has a blue bow

November 12, 2009 § 1 Comment

It’s 2 weeks to the final exam and I’m panicking a little. A lot. But I guess that’s normal, so sucking it in and taking it in stride. Head down, keep walking. Working on my corporate identity applications now and playing around with the colours (the logo colours are meant to be flexible so that 1.they can highlight the main point of an illustration; 2. reflect the range of illustration styles of the different artists/designers. ) 00_logo_bw

So while I was working on the posters, I ended up doodling. Again.  There went another hour.  Now it’s 336 hours till D-day.

Picture 1


Note to self: Need to keep working on drawing better so my people don’t look so odd.


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  • Hi Sherms! It was really great meeting you too! I’m so glad I went to the picnic 🙂 Cool blog you have here. I’ve always wished secretly I can draw better and I would doodle endlessly everyday. I think you do a great job!

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