[outfit] Peranakan museum ’08

February 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

Was looking through old photos when I found this. I don’t even recall putting it together! But I do recall the day fondly because that was the first PLANNED family outing we’d done in a long time.

My family agreed to take turns to plan a monthly family excursion, and each of the 4 of us could tailor it to be our Perfect Sunday! We even had a small budget for each excursion.

Let’s see…my Perfect Sunday started out with brunch at a nice cafe (Garden Slug @ Telok Kurau), visiting a museum (Peranakan Museum @ Armenian Street), picking up books at the library, then chilling out at Starbucks before having dinner at Sushi Tei. The parents were surprisingly game for everything!

(Though my dad did think that if you paid $6 for a cup of coffee, you had better park your tush on the chair for AT LEAST 2 hours.)

I think we each made it through one cycle before my mother became too busy with her exams. Yes, the mother had exams. Not me.

The white top with ruffles’s from a vintage shop in Barcelona. Loved it because it was so comfortable and 100% cotton. I know, I’m such an aunty, but 100% cotton in humid Singapore is a damn good thing! However…… I have no idea where it is now. Oh dear…


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