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February 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ahhh, The xx. Best thing John Lim ever rec-d to me. Went with the friends to watch them opened for Florence & the Machine last Sunday at esplanade. I think Florence’s music is pretty good (certain songs), but The xx just steals my heart with their bass beats and lyrics. Especially “Islands”, “VCR”, “Night Time”, “Basic Space”, “Shelter”…okay. I’ll end up naming the whole album.

I haven’t been for a lot of music gigs at the Esplanade. Musicals, theatre shows, dance, classical/jazz concerts, yes… but music gigs? Probably only Cat Power, and that was because a lovelie named Tania gave me 3 tickets for x’mas.  So I was pretty surprised when the first song started and everybody in the front stalls got out of their seats and moved right up to the front of the stage. Definitely better vantage! (Pity the people in who bought front row seats though…)

Florence & the Machine

Florence Welch’s quite entertaining to watch. Rather quirky gestures and a very charming smile. She’s got a head full of red curls and long, long legs (we know, because she was wearing a unitard under that long priestess garb, and those legs were this close).  She also kept saying, “Oh, it’s our first time in Singapore….and it’s such a beautiful venue…” Heh.  There was even a part where she borrowed a polaroid camera from someone in the crowd and snapped a shot of the audience with it. And those Ice Mountain plastic bottles the whole band was drinking out of? Most definitely not water. Nice.


More photos from the concert

The xx : MySpace page

Florence + the Machine: official website


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