Remember me when I am dead

April 6, 2010 § 6 Comments

Keith Douglas’s poem strangely makes me wonder about eulogies. And whether being able to sum up somebody’s life in several sentences is a good or bad thing. Does it mean they were consistent in their values/the way they led their lives, or were they too boring?

The thought of distilling anybody’s life down to a paragraph breaks me out in cold sweat. I was always quite terrible at the 100-word summary in secondary school comprehensions anyway. Hmm. I suppose I shouldn’t prepare my own eulogy in that case. My (currently non-existent, and possibly improbable) grandchildren might never finish reading it out. It’d be the mid-21st century version of “The Never-Ending Story“.

(I wonder if they’d be interested in the fact I reaaaallllly liked bagels+cream cheese for breakfast. And brunch. And tea.)

(Sadly but mostly likely, no huh?)

Okay. Reason #329981 on the WHY YOU NEED GOOD FAMILY + FRIENDS list : To write a meaningful, honest, funny, refreshing, but short eulogy on the (ave.) 80 years that you lived.

Ahhhh,  no pressure at all.


As for the photos, Squid, Nabs and I found a lonely bench at ACM after we went to the loo, and we decided to cheer it up. So we cheered the bench, and the bench cheered us.


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