Pinkerton, Pinkie, Pinkle

May 25, 2010 § 3 Comments

The Saturday before last, in between 2 weddings and the one day out from my osama-like holed-up existence, the friends and I went for pinkdot again.  We sweltered at hong lim park, but the clever clever people of pinkdot handed out freebie fans and umbrellas so that made it a lot better.

As usual, there was a multitude of characters and personalities walking about pinkdot, but what stood out the most this year were the grandparents in pink who came to support their family (the 2010 campaign theme this year was “Focusing on our Families”.)

Thinking of that generation mindset, especially in this Asian context, and what it must have taken to flip that around…well, it’s nothing short of impressive. That generation really has seen the greatest change. From trishaws to hybrid cars, tok-tok mee men to fine-dining restaurants, mustard gas to nuclear weapons…and on a less annihilating note, the birth and rise of the internet, dear God.. change may always expected, but this short 100 years has sure tried to packed it all in. I only wonder what sort of evolution/innovation will come about in our time that will force us to render an equally huge change in our mindsets too. Mmm, as usual, my thoughts wandered. So coming back to pink dot, heard about 4000+ people showed up this year, big jump from last year’s 2500! Very nice.


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