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June 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

A short animated collage I worked on last year for my digital imaging class. You start with 2 print images – 1 black-and-white, 1 colour. Mine, I ripped out from trusty Catalog; it never fails to deliver!

Next, you describe the 2 images in 15 adjectives, and based on that list, come up with starting ideas.

Follow the rabbit / jump down the rabbit hole
Chase the elusive dream/  Let your imagination go

Then after doing some research, you’re suppose to storyboard and create characters.

The next step is a killer: Collaging each frame in Photoshop.  You can only use material from those 2 images (which are photocopied 10 times over, resulting in various states of clarity), and each frame has to be put together individually. That amounted to over 800 different frames.

I’m not sure if I wept tears of joy when I finished the last frame, but I do remember pulling an all-nighter because it was easier to keep track of the frames that way. So I was glued to my computer screen till my eyes hurt. And I had to stuff a pillow under my elbow because it got sore from clicking “cmd+shift+s” too many times. Haha. Toughen up, wimpy elbow.

Next step: Sound effects.  Jonny helped me with that, which meant a lot of weird (but useful!) sounds were coming out from the sound booth.

And finally, everything was collated to create:


UPDATE . Jun 18
Catalog Magazine post a link to this on their facebook page!

CATALOG MAGAZINE We are flattered when we actually inspire you guys, and are happy all our hard work gets appreciated! Shermeen was inspired by one of our covers when she worked on her school assignment and conceived a pretty spiffy montage.


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  • iammyy says:

    love this ! the character reminds me of…damn..i forgot the cartoon name but it’s on Okto and I watched it with Gizilla..haha..all the spooky looking stuff

    i so miss design school projects !

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