[work] in the sandbox: Day 1 + 2

June 22, 2010 § 11 Comments

Brought my sandbucket and best smile to the sandbox on Monday. Was rather nervy. First days always feel like a throwback to school days on windy January mornings when you stood in line at assembly with white, clean shoes, wondering who your new classmates would be.

Woke up at 6.30am. Whee.

Climbing up a long, long flight of stairs at 8.30am. Whee.

Lunch at Food-for-Thought makes my day

Toilets for mushroom-heads

A shower! God-sent. There is a stove too (of course, not in the toilet)

Watched my friends cut their hair. Got restless and cut mine too. I do this to myself every May/June. Hack off the long hair that I’ve kept for a year, and then go through this whole cycle of cursing my stupidity for a week before I finally get used to the hair and decided to justlivewithit. It’s been happening for 3 years. Way to go, idiot. Which is why I do look a little glum starting Day 2. The face has nothing to do with the other players in the sandbox – all of them have been pretty darn nice so far!


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§ 11 Responses to [work] in the sandbox: Day 1 + 2

  • Nabilah says:

    Love the hair! I’m inspired to cut mine off too! 😛

  • wanida says:

    i like the hair! where did you get it done?

    • sherms says:

      Hey Wanida! Did it at Professional Hair Studio, Suntec. I usually go Kenaris@Wheelock, but was waiting for friends that day, so tried it out. Ask for Zovy if you want really short hair! As for mine, the guy who did it was called…Isoc/Izok

  • iammyy says:

    told ya u look great with whatever hairstyle please..me likes ! =)

  • Liyana says:

    Love your office! Looks so space-y. and and your hair looks fab! wished i wasn’t so wimpy to cut my hair off! 🙂

  • theletterzee says:

    your office looks FAB, babe 🙂 so spacious and lovely. hope your first week was great!

  • greenlaundry says:

    Large empty floors make me want to roll on it very badly; office looks goooood!!

  • sherms says:

    @ nabs + li: think it over x 10000000 before you cut!!

    @ ingrid: short hair suits you,not me. it’s still killing me. haha

    @ zee + melly: thaannks! but I still think Melly’s workplace takes the cake

  • calciumsulphate says:

    hello! came across your blog and i love your dress sense totally! =D
    may i ask, where did you get your bag from? find it so versatile! thankyou!

    • sherms says:

      Hello there! that’s real nice of you to say so!

      The bag was a free gift from Clinique. I’m not sure if they’re still giving it out, but I got mine about 2 months back?

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