[tumblr] where do you float?

September 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

Some nights I find myself clicking links endlessly, hopping from blogs to magzines to forums to google results (P.S. Google, I Love You), until my eyes are half-crossed and I can’t fathom why it reads 3am on the clock.

Each time I never fail to come across visuals that (for a lack of a better word) inspire me.

WU magazine #08, Sandra Gajauskaite (model) / Alice Rosati (photographer)

Inspire” doesn’t quite capture how they make me want to splash the wall with colour  and scribble non-stop on thick paper and come up with new words to describe the ideas that are running free like it’s liberation day. They make me want to create, create, create; all these wonderful scraps of feelings!

Then, there are other times, when I’m stuck on a project, and I’m a beached whale, flailing for the water.

My creative inklings then? BIG FAT ZERO.

I needed a source to top me up every time I ran low. Without the hassle of going through a million link-clicks again. Or sieving through another million bookmarks (I am a compulsive bookmarker).

Thus, I revived my Tumblr account and finally figured how to put it to good use.

So, hello archiving! Hello relief! Hello my 991-emergency line for inspiration!


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§ One Response to [tumblr] where do you float?

  • blisschic says:

    likewise, there were nights when I do nothing but surf the net (blogs and forums) for something inspirational – be it pictures or text content that i can relate to. at times, im afraid that i’ll go really blind at the rate that im going but the internet is such a vital source of information!

    good that you found tumblr! me? still searching …

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