[studentwork] The Body Shop – You’ve Got Your Back

September 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

” The world has no need for more sheep and clones.
Know your own mind, and stand up for it.

You are who you are.
You like what you like.

You say what you mean.

You believe in what you do.

And make no apologies for it – because
honestly, that’s the way it should be.”


The Body Shop / D&AD 2010 Advertising
Student Work

The Brief
Create an unconventional brand campaign for The Body Shop to reinstate its position as the original pioneer of ethical beauty.

Tone of Voice
Look to embrace a more opinionated tone of voice from The Body Shop’s past rather than the safe and inclusive point of view of recent years. Maverick, honest, cheeky, challenging, unique.


Proposed campaign (unsubmitted)
You’ve Got Your Back
Series of 3 Posters
Option of direct mailer: a backbone-growing gardening toolkit

The Body Shop is about believing in who you are and sticking by for your values, the way they stick by their  5 core values.

In today’s day and age where judgment is quick and materialism is an accepted flaw, it’s sometimes hard to choose to stand against the current of popular opinion, or deviate to the less trodden path. But doesn’t mean you stop trying.So, quit waiting for someone else to reassuringly say, “I have your back,” before you do/say something.

In a Nutshell:
You have to stand up for yourself, before others will for you.


The process:


Sketchbook: initial ideas & drafts

Working on constructing the seed packet & typography for the tag.
Tried a few palettes, but decided a cardinal-red worked best.


Back to my makeshift studio
Found the miniature garden tool kit at Cold Storage & bought a pot from IKEA

Test shots

After the photoshoot, I thought I’d might as well plant the half-dead seeds from the seed packet, and see if anything sprouted:

Day 0

Day 33
$1.99 seeds = sturdy plant!



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