[listerine bloggers dare] Nab Nabs a Nerd

September 29, 2010 § 8 Comments

Nabs is part of the Listerine Challenge that’s going on!

So the Saturday before last saw Erfen, Nabs and I being sneaky ninjas around the library, trying to pick the right book for it’s 15 minutes of fame, and dodging librarians.

It’s a rather curious feeling to have someone close to you taking part in such a competition. The voting frenzy you thought you’d never partake in, the shoutouts you pfffftt at….. hmm. Suddenly, they’re necessary evils.

Oh, it’s hard not to want to overkill. I’ve never voted for a single Singapore idol participant (okay, maybe not the best example, but you know what I mean) my entire life and here I am, comparing vote tallies daily. Must be even tougher for the participants not to lose themselves.

Thankfully, I do like Nab’s posts.  Swear me in and ask me in court, and it’d still be the same answer.  So on that aspect, I haven’t sold out. Have clicked on the other contestants posts too, and voted for them whenever their posts catch my fancy. I’ll look forward to the day when voting doesn’t turn a competition into a popularity contest. Perhaps I’ll have to wait for the reality TV shows past the Pearly Gates of St. Peter.

On a side note, I surprisingly like the taste of this purple Listerine. It doesn’t make me cry that much. And also like the fact that the contestants aren’t snippy with each other, but post supportive comments on each other’s blog instead.

My last paragraph reminds me of Sharity Elephant. Purple. And Share & Care. Ahhh, what a jumble of thoughts tonight.


Nab’s Listerine week 2 post is up  here & the Listerine competition (where the winner gets some funds to jumpstart his/her dream – love this part of it!) is here.



Someone: “Hey look! Old school facebook tagging!”
I especially like that Marie Curie was there too

Erfen had to bite into the doughnut for me, because I hate doughnuts.
Whoever said chivalry was dead?


And the other extra shots turned out to be educational

You are unliked and different.

Boy-of-your-dreams doesn’t like you back despite your prettiest face

Insert product placement for tubs of Ben & Jerry’s,
Awfully Chocolate cake & Old Chang Kee currypuffs

Skip to the ending because the rest isn’t important:
All along it was the boy-next-door who was your soulmate.
Cock-eyed was never so in.


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