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July 20, 2011 § 4 Comments

Course #2: Sushi-making // Jul ’11

Spending part of my childhood in Japan meant that sushi and sashimi were a staple, and I never thought twice about the bento boxes with beautifully presented sushi some classmates brought to class. They were a given.

So when we first returned to Singapore, – back in the days before Sushi Tei existed – I missed the ready availability of sushi boxes and bright colours of ebiko (prawn roe), japanese cucumber, pickles and more. Thankfully, my mom’s pretty good at making home-made sushi, so that’s what we had when we didn’t want to go to the restaurants.

On a side note, my sister recently got happily hitched to her boyfriend of 5 years. He’s one of the sushi chefs at Hide Yamamoto (MBS), so big big smiles and potentially full tummies all around! Good job, Jie. And yes, of course we like him for far more than his sushi-making /octopus-slicing/tempura-frying skills…

Since there are no other sushi experts on the marrying horizon, I figured learning the technique might be the way to go.

Spotted Kendo classes going on at Siglap CC and they have wheelchair-friendly lift too.

Chef Alvin ran the class, assisted by his wife. He used to work at a Japanese restaurant in a hotel. Aren’t you impressed by how many ladies whipped out their phones/cameras the moment the practical portion started?

Next up was the hands-on session, rolling makimono and making gukkan. My all-time favourite sushi is kappa-maki. Cheapest kid on the block, but so good with soya sauce. Chef Alvin’s tip: Always deseed the japanese cucumber, so that there’s no excessive water content when you use the bamboo mat to squeeze the sushi into shape.

This lady had the neatest sushi rolls out of all. Trust me, it was hard to get them the same size and right squarishness.

Met my mom’s friend, Cindy! How brilliant is that.

The lady below rushed down after work to learn how to make the rolls for her 2 sons (5 and 3 years old). She says they clamour for sushi each time, and especially love the ones with ebiko. There are 3 common types of roe used in sushi: ebiko, tobiko (flying fish) and ikura (salmon)

I stopped making sushi after 2 rolls because I probably should have spent more time listening and less time taking pictures. I suspect Chef Alvin looked at my sushi bamboo-mat rolling a little despairingly.  Tempted to choose courses now that I’m better at, but what’s the fun then! Messaged my brother-in-law straight after to proclaim my awe of his talent. He must have been freaked out. We usually only talk during family dinners, even though we get along. Shall ask him for personal remedial lessons soon.

On hindsight,  compared to the earlier childhood photo, this other photo of sakura trees & I prophesies more accurate how my japanese culinary skills were going to turn out.  Wheee.

Nabs went for the western culinary course with Chef Yong. She’s also part of this SYTYCB challenge (part of OurCommunity.sg),  do vote for her!


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