[sytycb 03] walk this way

August 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

community walk // July 21st

You should have seen my mom’s gleeful face when I told her I was going to rise-and-shine at 7am, to head down for the community walk with her. She must have thought the aliens had abducted me and given her a better version in replacement. A version that was programmed to wake up before noon on Sundays.

A little bit of background on my mother:
She’s been helping out at Changkat CC & RC for as long as I can remember, and is a big supporter of Irene Ng. Yes, the mother has many many white articles of clothing in the closet.

So since half the family was going for the walk, my father ( a natural 7am rise-and-shiner ) decided to come along too. That’s them in the 5th photo. Aren’t they sweet?

Blue skies, sunny clouds, you couldn’t ask for much more. Perhaps less cars as we trundled along the granite pavements, headed for our no-idea-where final destination. Some of our ushers along the way were primary school kids in bright yellow shirts. Awfully cute; realised later that they were siblings of the soccer / kite flying clubs that were there. The latter flies indoor kites and kites in formation. Quite cool. Would have stayed longer, but was due back in the office, so left promptly after cotton-candy and popcorn.

Part of the SYTYCB challenge (part of OurCommunity.sg),  do take a look at Nab’s community walk too. We’re both in the same East area, just different zones.


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