alphabet soup is the brain’s hulahoop

August 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I’m ill, I love drinking chicken alphabet soup. It’s the epitome of under-the-weather comfort. Which is why when my brain felt sick and dreary last year, I figured nonsensical alphabet rhymes would help prode my mind gently into creative shape.

Like the rest of mankind, I started with A, and took my time to dawdle down the alphabet lane.
I’d say they’re a nod to Edward Gorey and Lewis Carroll, but mine are still seedlings to their oaks.

I’ve gotten up to P. Here’re some of my favourites so far:

a is for arthur
who made a quick dash,
tripped over a walrus
& drowned with a splash.

e is for ellie
who liked her weed pie,
gobbled 3 dozen at one shot
& entered heaven all high.

h is for hannah
who played house in a box,
tried being a Hoover,
choked on a striped sock.

n is for nelly
who felt the world was too bright,
bought a bucket of squid soot,
painted herself a nice night.


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