the case for the marriage of peanut butter & apple

August 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Once upon a time,  Peanut Butter & Banana were my favourite couple and I thought they would be together forever. But Life has a funny way of capsizing one’s boat of should-bes and would-bes when she’s bored. So somewhere along the way, Banana shifted out of the plate he cohabited with PB, and one dewy morning, PB met the Apples.

In most versions of this fairytale, the Apples are decked out in tart green, but I think they suit golden-reds best. PB twirled and laughed with the first two brothers, but it was Braeburn Apple with his charming crunchiness she was secretly nutty for.

Their detractors cried out that it was an strange, strange match, but they held fast to each other. In time, as always, the nay-sayers faded away and PB & Braeburn Apple lived happily ever after on their blue plate, travelling about on their silver spoon.


On the same colour palette note, had my nails done at manicurious again. The perk about knowing the people there is that even if I spend a good full half an hour discussing a design and testing out a thousand colours, the manicurists still smile and don’t dump my iced chocolate over my head.

Then again, I think they smile at everyone, so perhaps it’s an imaginary perk. They are an accomodating lot. Loving this simple design Jenny suggested to me when I showed up in a nautical dress.


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