カレーライス karē raisu

August 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

In between buying boxes of Tokyo Bananas at the airport last year, I picked up a box of Kiyoken’s Yokohama Curry. It expired before I could cook it, but always had a thing for Japanese packaging and its sweetish curry, so here it is, scanned for keeps.

According to wikipedia, “Western-style curry draws its influence from stews mixed with curry powder, which were popular amongst the British Navy.”  I suppose that explains the figures in western garb below, alongside the traditional kimonos; or perhaps that’s a nod to the American navel base that was there, as shown by the flag.

In any case, thought it quite a feat they combined so many different elements and made it work.

Breaking it down, there are:

  • 4 typesfaces (english, kanji, katakana,  hiragana)
  • 2 patterns flanking the top and bottom of the box
  • A faint skyline of Yokohama’s famous attractions (Chinatown gate, Yokohama Bay Bridge, etc)
  • Feature ribbons
  • Colourful illustration with a decorative border

Usually that’s enough to throw any design into chaos, but the designer showed restraint in the colour palette and allowed the warm curry tones of red, gold and tan to tie things together.

Random trivia to round it up: Guess what’s on the menu for Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force today? Seeing that it’s Friday, curry rice, of course.


[type] for a sunny day

August 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

Exploration of the day was to try turning my handwriting (uppercase) into a font.

“Sherbert” because that’s what a theatre studies & drama teacher nicknamed me back in VJC. He had the loveliest British accent, and we would recognise it with a jolt when the BMW ads were screened in cinemas.

I cheated though. All I did was make the letters into vectors for now, which I’m sure will give strict typophiles the heebeejeebees. Was just curious to see how it would work initially. Know that there’s tons to do and refine if I really want to make a font (not even going to try for an actual typeface yet) and have to start reading up.  Suggestions on books / sites / programmes are always welcomed.

Snapped this with hipstamatic a year back when I was headed down the stairs from Old School for my lunch break. Singapore’s sun is unforgiving, but photographs like a handsome matriarch.

space gymnast

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

While sorting through a year’s worth of photos, I remembered this visual game I used to play randomly – yoking together photos from different events with a theme, thinking of a song / music that fits it, then feeling what sort of typeface would match it. Sometimes I’d finish, sometimes I wouldn’t and picked it up another time.  My mental gymnastics on the train ride home.

Hearts all around my feet
Don’t you ever sweep the street
If they still can keep a beat
Hands holding other hands
One night a meteor came to my door
And he asked me to dance
full lyrics

Typeface: airplane by Kady Jesko at losttype.com
Photo 1 : Hanging lights at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore after a birthday dinner.  2011

Photo 2: Fairy lights in a tree, Mayfair, London after work & Sunday service. 2012
Song: “Meteor” from “Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future” by The Bird + The Bee


stop being so precious

December 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Stop waiting for the right moment.
Stop waiting for the stars to align.
Stop waiting for that one fine day to come – that day where you finally have all the time in the world to sit down & think through your concepts.
Stop being so meticulous about preparation details that it stops you from starting.
Stop worrying about what others will say.

Start doing & refine.
Start somewhere (even if its not where you want to be) & take it where you want to go.
Start being & not let ideas sit in your imagination lazing.

Stop being so precious, and for heaven’s sake, just start.

[tumblr] where do you float?

September 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

Some nights I find myself clicking links endlessly, hopping from blogs to magzines to forums to google results (P.S. Google, I Love You), until my eyes are half-crossed and I can’t fathom why it reads 3am on the clock.

Each time I never fail to come across visuals that (for a lack of a better word) inspire me.

WU magazine #08, Sandra Gajauskaite (model) / Alice Rosati (photographer)

Inspire” doesn’t quite capture how they make me want to splash the wall with colour  and scribble non-stop on thick paper and come up with new words to describe the ideas that are running free like it’s liberation day. They make me want to create, create, create; all these wonderful scraps of feelings!

Then, there are other times, when I’m stuck on a project, and I’m a beached whale, flailing for the water.

My creative inklings then? BIG FAT ZERO.

I needed a source to top me up every time I ran low. Without the hassle of going through a million link-clicks again. Or sieving through another million bookmarks (I am a compulsive bookmarker).

Thus, I revived my Tumblr account and finally figured how to put it to good use.

So, hello archiving! Hello relief! Hello my 991-emergency line for inspiration!

[film] Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (2010) conceptual art

October 27, 2009 § 4 Comments

Ever since I attended the LOTR exhibition back in 2004, I’ve been intrigued by the way a film’s visual concept is conceived. It’s a treat for the eyes to see the artwork these amazing conceptual artists turn out. I remember watching the ‘behind-the-scenes’ section of Mary Poppins (1964), and they had their own conceptual artist as well. He ended up painting a large backdrop of London at night, which the production crew then back lit (tiny lights that flickered through slits in the canvas), and it was used for certain camera sequences..

It’s always a delight to see the conceptural artist’s work for a film turned into reality on set, and finally, on film. I was curious about the look of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, in addition to how he always manages to come up with such brilliant concepts (what a solid crew he has), so I decided to look up the artist who did the conceptual artwork this time around.

Turns out it’s one Michael Kutsche who lives in Berlin. I’m don’t think he did all the work below, but he definitely did the first 3. His DeviantArt and website are filled with impressive CG + 3D images. The work’s quite stunning. I found out he also did SEGA’s/ The Creative Assembly’s Viking: Battle for Asgard. Of course, I’ve never played the game, but if I had any gaming inclinations, this would surely convince me to buy it.

Here’s the conceptual artwork I managed to piece together from various sources in the web (filmofilia.com, cinematical.com, artofdisney.canalblog.com, etc..)


UPDATE: I found how who did the characters for the 3 below ( + most of the posters that have been released)! It’s done by the designers/artists at Imaginism Studios . However, they mentioned in their blog that they did the characters, and not the surrounding enviroment. They said they’ll be releasing more art after the show opens, so can’t wait for that.




Christian Lacroix the Costumier

September 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

May’09: One of my favourite exhibitions at NSM.

for more images that were taken

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