[type] for a sunny day

August 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

Exploration of the day was to try turning my handwriting (uppercase) into a font.

“Sherbert” because that’s what a theatre studies & drama teacher nicknamed me back in VJC. He had the loveliest British accent, and we would recognise it with a jolt when the BMW ads were screened in cinemas.

I cheated though. All I did was make the letters into vectors for now, which I’m sure will give strict typophiles the heebeejeebees. Was just curious to see how it would work initially. Know that there’s tons to do and refine if I really want to make a font (not even going to try for an actual typeface yet) and have to start reading up.  Suggestions on books / sites / programmes are always welcomed.

Snapped this with hipstamatic a year back when I was headed down the stairs from Old School for my lunch break. Singapore’s sun is unforgiving, but photographs like a handsome matriarch.


space gymnast

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

While sorting through a year’s worth of photos, I remembered this visual game I used to play randomly – yoking together photos from different events with a theme, thinking of a song / music that fits it, then feeling what sort of typeface would match it. Sometimes I’d finish, sometimes I wouldn’t and picked it up another time.  My mental gymnastics on the train ride home.

Hearts all around my feet
Don’t you ever sweep the street
If they still can keep a beat
Hands holding other hands
One night a meteor came to my door
And he asked me to dance
full lyrics

Typeface: airplane by Kady Jesko at losttype.com
Photo 1 : Hanging lights at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore after a birthday dinner.  2011

Photo 2: Fairy lights in a tree, Mayfair, London after work & Sunday service. 2012
Song: “Meteor” from “Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future” by The Bird + The Bee


alphabet soup is the brain’s hulahoop

August 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I’m ill, I love drinking chicken alphabet soup. It’s the epitome of under-the-weather comfort. Which is why when my brain felt sick and dreary last year, I figured nonsensical alphabet rhymes would help prode my mind gently into creative shape.

Like the rest of mankind, I started with A, and took my time to dawdle down the alphabet lane.
I’d say they’re a nod to Edward Gorey and Lewis Carroll, but mine are still seedlings to their oaks.

I’ve gotten up to P. Here’re some of my favourites so far:

a is for arthur
who made a quick dash,
tripped over a walrus
& drowned with a splash.

e is for ellie
who liked her weed pie,
gobbled 3 dozen at one shot
& entered heaven all high.

h is for hannah
who played house in a box,
tried being a Hoover,
choked on a striped sock.

n is for nelly
who felt the world was too bright,
bought a bucket of squid soot,
painted herself a nice night.

[goodtimes] dr. seuss prescribes

May 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

kris kringle // dec ’10

frame: ikea
postcard: gogo rama
quote: dr. seuss
old-school dymo label-maker: can’t remember which stationery shop

triangular dreams

March 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Got to love Computer Arts’ iPhone app, Visulator. Good for creating that quick wallpaper you wanted or giving you electric triangle dreams.

You start off with blank sheet and a crosshair. A few taps later, voila!





CROSS-APP POLLINATION: After instagram-ing it:




Excess Baggage

April 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

After 4 consecutive days at home, I finally stepped out to get dinner today. I’d forgotten how many people exist. Especially in Singapore. Some people get jetlag, I get peoplelag. Kind of need time to adjust back.

That aside, I finally unwrapped the Silhouette book I bought from Kino last year (with wonderful wonderful vouchers from my friends), and was browsing through it to use it for one of my projects and ended up toying around.

Isn’t it back-breaking work to be a flamingo? Hah. More seriously, the girl on the flamingo was part of a dream that I had once. You heard of Getaway car? This was Getaway Flamingo. Okay, but enough of weird dreams. Back to work again!

A postcard to more

April 21, 2010 § 6 Comments

Recently, I’ve been staring at my wall a lot.

I’ve a pile of postcards stuck on it, and sometimes I wonder if I could step into one of those postcards and live out that world.

That, however, is not why I’ve been staring at the wall behind my laptop a lot. It’s because my focus likes to skip out on me, and leave my eyes to glaze over. While that was happening today, my glazed-over eyes noticed it’s been a (shamefully) long time since I dusted off my postcards. So I did.

As I was dusting + sneezing + reminiscing where I bought each postcard – mostly in Europe months and months ago – it occurred to me that it’d fun to do a little research on each artist/photographer.

You know, take a look at their other work. Find out what they did/do/were known for. Where were they from. Why did they take that picture. My curiosity tends to poke me to wonder about all that. So in good time, I plan to set about checking one postcard/illustration out at a time.

( But for now, I’d better catch up on my projects for my exams. )

Some postcards/photos on my wall:

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