female. 26. singaporean

SMU corporate communication + marketing grad
went back to do a design diploma at Orita Sinclair

likes books. especially shelves + shelves of them in Kinokuniya, Basheer & NLB
likes the bird & the bee, chopin, the xx, the ditty bops, zee avi
loves smooth black ballpoints
likes small cafes on quiet afternoons
likes ramen + french fries
likes museums

wants to try everything at least once.

past lives:
ran frujch , learnt 3 musical instruments, grew up in Japan, fenced sabre



image credit: jacqueline chang


§ 2 Responses to me

  • serena says:

    hey shermeen! i was stalking you the other day/ week.. and virtually stumbled across this.

    it is quite different from (blogs?) i’ve seen but i appreciate your life…
    there are some flat/ 2d people in this world but thank goodness for YOU, perfectly not 2d but alive and 3d..

    Keep me posted!

  • Quentin says:

    I have a cat, happy to rent it out.

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