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Old Capitol Theatre,
where my mother and her friends would sneaked away off to meet boys at after school hours.

Passionfruit-lemon tart .  The Plain @ Craig Road

Lie here…

… and watch the clouds go by.

Before the world domination of IG, hipstamatic ruled the iphonography world with its filters.

settings –
lens: bettie xl
film: kodot Xgrizzled / ina’s 1935


space gymnast

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While sorting through a year’s worth of photos, I remembered this visual game I used to play randomly – yoking together photos from different events with a theme, thinking of a song / music that fits it, then feeling what sort of typeface would match it. Sometimes I’d finish, sometimes I wouldn’t and picked it up another time.  My mental gymnastics on the train ride home.

Hearts all around my feet
Don’t you ever sweep the street
If they still can keep a beat
Hands holding other hands
One night a meteor came to my door
And he asked me to dance
full lyrics

Typeface: airplane by Kady Jesko at losttype.com
Photo 1 : Hanging lights at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore after a birthday dinner.  2011

Photo 2: Fairy lights in a tree, Mayfair, London after work & Sunday service. 2012
Song: “Meteor” from “Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future” by The Bird + The Bee


[london] netil market

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Woke up on a Saturday and the sky said: “Today, to a market you go!” East London,  I was coming for you.

While finding my way to Broadway Market,  I ran into Netil Market. It’s a teeny-tiny market, but an oh-so-charming.  Buntings line the roofs of stores cheerfully and the shopowners are friendly and laid-back. Picked up an ombre midnight blue velvet top and the cream & leather lace-ups, as well as illustrated silk-screened cards and tote (love meeting illustrators in person) which made me a very happy bird.

Netil Market
Sat, 11am-6pm | site | map
13 – 23 Westgate St London Fields  E8 3RL

Never bend your head. Always hold it high.

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waitrose packaging never fails to convince us we need to buy something every time we step in.

Dried porcini mushrooms do make for an excellent risotto though. Can’t take the credit for making it (Shawn’s the one who’s an excellent cook), but definitely can take the credit for licking the plate clean.

stop being so precious

December 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Stop waiting for the right moment.
Stop waiting for the stars to align.
Stop waiting for that one fine day to come – that day where you finally have all the time in the world to sit down & think through your concepts.
Stop being so meticulous about preparation details that it stops you from starting.
Stop worrying about what others will say.

Start doing & refine.
Start somewhere (even if its not where you want to be) & take it where you want to go.
Start being & not let ideas sit in your imagination lazing.

Stop being so precious, and for heaven’s sake, just start.

[london] the sunlight on rain

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Southbank, London, UK

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