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August 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

Exploration of the day was to try turning my handwriting (uppercase) into a font.

“Sherbert” because that’s what a theatre studies & drama teacher nicknamed me back in VJC. He had the loveliest British accent, and we would recognise it with a jolt when the BMW ads were screened in cinemas.

I cheated though. All I did was make the letters into vectors for now, which I’m sure will give strict typophiles the heebeejeebees. Was just curious to see how it would work initially. Know that there’s tons to do and refine if I really want to make a font (not even going to try for an actual typeface yet) and have to start reading up.  Suggestions on books / sites / programmes are always welcomed.

Snapped this with hipstamatic a year back when I was headed down the stairs from Old School for my lunch break. Singapore’s sun is unforgiving, but photographs like a handsome matriarch.



July 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

Old Capitol Theatre,
where my mother and her friends would sneaked away off to meet boys at after school hours.

Passionfruit-lemon tart .  The Plain @ Craig Road

Lie here…

… and watch the clouds go by.

Before the world domination of IG, hipstamatic ruled the iphonography world with its filters.

settings –
lens: bettie xl
film: kodot Xgrizzled / ina’s 1935

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